Is delivering efficient field service critical to your business?

Are you constantlychallenged to reduce costs while increasing efficiency? Do you need to meetservice-level agreements (SLAs), service customers waiting at homes andbusinesses, or respond to machine-generated service alerts? Oracle FieldService Cloud is built on time-based, self-learning, and predictive technology,empowering you to solve business problems while evolving your field service organization. This foundational technology empowers users with accuracy,context, and intelligence through seven powerful modules.

Beyond Automation to Optimization

Traditional systems rely on averages to assign work, resulting in static schedules unable to respond to change. Oracle Field Service Cloud collects time-based measure-ments about everything that happens in the field, and then uses these measurements to learn—and keep learning—how each individual does work. The solution predicts when a field event will happen and how long it will take, with 98 percent accuracy. When unexpected events occur—bad weather, flat tire, job complications, employee absence—Oracle Field Service Cloud predicts the resulting chain reaction, allowing you to address exceptions and take action to ensure customer satisfaction.