Oracle Cloud Services,On Premise Services

Oracle Content and Experience Cloud

Oracle Content and Experience Cloud is a cloud-based content hub to drive omni-channel content management and accelerate experience delivery. Pabay can help customer to organize/ model and manage the content in the oracle experience cloud. Pabay can help integrating OCE with various other services in Oracle Cloud (Visual Builder Cloud Service, Marketing Cloud Services). Pabay is expert in following 1. Launching a Content and Experience Cloud 2. Setting up and Modeling the Content and Experience Cloud based on customer need for contributor and developers 3. Creating a Site using existing or new theme/template. Also add the integration if needed by the customer 4. Setting up security and domain 5. Publishing the site and making it available to the customer

Oracle Java Cloud Service

Oracle Cloud Platform-as-a-service empowers enterprises with a cloud platform that enables to rapidly develop, build and deploy applications on the cloud. The PaaS cloud platform can also be used to also extend the existing Oracle Cloud SaaS based applications. Oracle Java Cloud Service is part of Oracle PAAS cloud and it is rapid, self-service provisioning of complex, multi-tier environments of Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Coherence in the cloud. It provides enterprise level security, high availability, and performance for business-critical applications On Premise Services Oracle WebCenter Sites / Content On Premise Web Content and Digital Content Management

Oracle Marketing Cloud

Oracle Eloqua enables marketers to create dynamic campaigns that intrigue buyers and intelligently adapt the experience based on a buyer’s real-time activities. Successful demand generation, email marketing, and lead management engagement hinge on a modern platform and strategy aligned to buyer needs across all phases and channels of the buying process. Pabay can help setting up email marketing and campaign using Eloqua and also it can help integration with various other oracle product like Oracle WebCenter Sites


What is Oracle WebCenter?

Oracle WebCenter Services offered by Pabay is an integrated set of products designed for creating dynamic, highly productive user work environments that take advantage of service-oriented architecture (SOA) and enable business users to bring complete context to their daily work tasks. Oracle WebCenter Services provides a comprehensive set of standards-based social computing components that enrich and modernize existing portals and websites. As the number of users of internet and mobile increasing day by day, companies and brands have realized the importance of user experience management, especially on digital channels. Nowadays you can’t consider website just a source of information for the company or product. It is a principal source of information about the product/ service being offered. Website is a way of communicating with customer. The solutions provided by websites are ably customized to their requirements.

Oracle WebCenter suite of products

Oracle WebCenter Suite is the industry’s only complete, open, and manageable portal platform that integrates Enterprise 2.0 capabilities into business processes and custom and packaged enterprise applications to create richer connections and deliver faster time-to-value. Oracle’s WebCenter suite provides relevant and meaningful information to customer/employee while enhancing the interaction as it comprises a set of user engagement products. Business users can directly upload content on the website (through a content management system) and allows marketing teams to schedule campaigns and geo-target them. OWCS act as a link between people (customer, partners employee), processes, and information besides enabling them to handle a complete range of portal, content management, Web experience management, and collaboration technologies.

The Oracle WebCenter suite comprises of the following products:
Oracle WebCenter Content:

Oracle WebCenter Content is robust, scalable and reliable content management product. OWCC is also a process centric application for other products in the suite and can act a robust repository/documentation. A complete content Life cycle management is enabled by the solution provided by WebCenter content Following solution can be build using WebCenter Content • Employee onboarding – Automating the employee on-boarding activity • Employee Management • Regulatory requirements (income tax/ visa) • Document storage

Oracle WebCenter Portal:

Oracle WebCenter Portal creates intuitive portals, composite applications and mash-ups with integrated application content for web & mobile interface which is a robust responsive intranet/extranet portal product.

Oracle WebCenter Portal Cloud

Oracle WebCenter Portal Cloud can easily and quickly build engaging, integrated and dynamic portal for every part of your business and it is a cloud base platform too. Oracle WebCenter Portal Cloud makes developing portals very efficient so that you can set up your portal cloud environment within minutes. We will handle the installation, configuration and infrastructure for you and you can rapidly focus on rapidly designing and deploying portal and on innovative business solutions saving your time and money. You can add capacity, schedule automated backups or restore from any point of time with just a few clicks. You have full monitoring and administrative control.

Oracle WebCenter Site:

Using OWCS customers can easily create and manage social and interactive digital experiences. It gives the power to organizations to deliver an unusual digital experience to customers through providing ability to quickly and easily creating content, longer visitor engagement with easy to market. Features like drag and drop style page building, A/B testing, enhanced content analytics, visitor profile management, targeting and mobile delivery etc. making the complete web experience smooth and quick.

Why Pabay for Oracle WebCenter services?

There are few potent reasons for you to choose us: - A WebCenter expert team with hands-on experience of having developed websites and intranet portals for leading companies • A robust portal technologies unit with expertise across various technologies including Java, REACT, Spring framework etc. • Excellent understanding of the digital landscape, comprehensive website creation capabilities and experience in building mission critical mobility solutions • Deep understanding of content management systems (CMS) and integration of various content sources to enables seamless information management • Strong domain expertise and in-house experts in digital marketing and analytics to augment the usefulness of the platform and enable contextual targeting.